Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Two Things Here

The region of the tropical Atlantic where many hurricanes originate has warmed by several tenths of a degree Celsius over the 20th century, and new climate model simulations suggest that human activity, such as increasing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, may contribute significantly to this warming.
First thing, crap.

Second thing, because the administration has censored federal agencies in the past when it came to climate change, it’s good to see a federal report tagging human activity as a significant contributor to global warming:
Simulations of global trends and trends in several other specific regions also produced more realistic results when anthropogenic forcing was included in addition to natural effects. An example is the Indian Ocean and western tropical Pacific, where a regional warming trend has emerged particularly clearly during the past half century. These conclusions support similar findings from earlier studies.
I like that “more realistic results” are observed when the scientists factor in human activity. Science must be reality-based.

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Tim said...

The Current Occupant is so anti-science that the Catholic Church is starting to look enlightened in contrast.