Monday, June 18, 2007

More and Less

More of this:
“I’ll sleep next to my hammer drill if I have to,” he said. “There’s a story in this house, and whether it happened over a hundred years ago, or it’s happening now, it has to keep being told. It’s New Orleans culture and I’m just a page in the book.”
Less of this:
As for Tidewater’s future in New Orleans, Taylor said the company is evaluating its options.

“Our plans are to do what’s best for our shareholders,” he said. “Sometimes one wonders ... whether it’s best for our headquarters to remain in Louisiana. From my vantage point, our customer base is in Houston. Houston really is the energy capital of the world. If we’re going to be responsive to our customers ... we need to be close to our customers. So that’s a disadvantage that New Orleans confronts.

“For the time being, we have not made a decision to leave New Orleans.”
These stories are not really related. I just happened to read them one after the other in my inbox.


mark c said...

why don't they just move to a third world country, it that's where their customers are? [insert annoying third world/new orleans/brangelina joke here]

da po' boy said...

Yeah. The president's comments were not very flattering towards the USA, I mean, the domestic market:

*** Taylor said rigs have left the Gulf of Mexico due to more favorable conditions outside the United States such as lower insurance premiums and labor costs. Those factors make it more profitable for companies to work overseas, he said.

“Roughly 100 rigs have exited the Gulf of Mexico in six years,” he said. “And each of those rigs required services. As the rigs left for fairer climes, boats needed to leave. And it’s been outside of the United States.” ***

Darn labor laws. Keepin' profits down to only $1 billion dollars :(

MAD said...

Comments from corporate hacks always leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Thanks for your vote of confidence in our community Mr. Taylor.