Monday, June 18, 2007

Finding Better Ways to Blow Up Levees?

Or testing temporary pumps?
Army alerts residents to potential louder than normal explosion

FORT POLK - Residents in the vicinity of the main post of Fort Polk may notice a louder than normal explosion during the week of June 18-22.

The potential noise will be the result of a large detonation that is part of activities conducted here by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


Mr. Clio said...

I can't believe that's actually real. It's just too good.

It reminds me of the communications director for FEMA complaining to FEMA's man in the Dome after Katrina that the line at the restaurant in Baton Rouge was too long.

What restaurant was it? Why, Ruth's Chris, of course.

Reality is much better than fiction.

da po' boy said...

I did not know about the Ruth's Chris/Brownie connection. Arrrrg.

I don't really know what the USACE will being testing that requires blowing things up. But I like this part: "A specific date or time is not yet available as the event will be weather dependent."

Mr. Clio said...

So if I travel to central Louisiana any time in the next year or so, I should beware of explosions.