Friday, October 28, 2005

George W. Bush = Facial Hair

Wow, Stephen Pizzo comes to battle with a shotgun. Via Cursor, I came across his website News for Real for the first time and read this post entitled “What Now?” In it, he calls G.W. Bush a “‘beard’ for others” and a “Forest Gump from the Dark Side.”

He also sums up why the country is lost right now:

It's a moment new to America, a leader who himself needs to be led, now unled.

I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, so my dislike of G.W. Bush is not a partisan play. He really is a tool, in the sense that he is manipulated by the evil forces of the world to further their messed up agenda which only benefits themselves. I think this was evident in the federal response after Katrina.

So, basically, what Stephen Pizzo said.

Did I mention that he calls W. a “beard?” A fucking beard. That’s awesome.

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