Wednesday, July 04, 2007

What's Matt at Fix the Pumps Going to Do Now?

He said good bye on his blog. I have a suggestion for his next challenge:
Vacancy Announcement Number: SWGY07068166D

Changes to the Job Announcement: Must Possess a Professional Engineering Registration
Opening Date: June 29, 2007 Closing Date: July 13, 2007
Position: Supervisory General Engineer, YF-0801-2
Salary: $56,301 - $107,991 Annual
Place of Work: Hurricane Protection Office, Executive Support Division, Technical Support Branch, New Orleans, LA
Position Status: Temporary Position Not to Exceed: 3 YRS -- Full Time
Number of Vacancy: 1
Just kidding.

I nominate Fix the Pumps as the first inductee into the NOLA Bloggers Hall of Fame.

Thanks, Matt.


Carmen said...

OmG. I *wish*. Then we here in New Orleans could finally begin to trust in the oversight again.

Please, please, please send this notice on to Matt.

LisaPal said...

I wholeheartedly and without reservation second your nomination. And Dangerblond recently remarked that he should also be given the Profile in Courage Award. Indeed.

Carmen said...

You know something, Lisa, at second glance you and Dangerblond might be on to something. For taking on the whole ACoE and being able to speak their language as well as present it to the public in palatable enough segments for them to digest, surely he is worthy of this particular recognition.

Perhaps DB can delve into the nomination process, if that is a thing she knows...

Infrogmation said...

Fix The Pumps has been, I think, the single most valuable blog in the city. Such an important watchdog!

Yes, well deserving of the Hall of Fame.

Loki said...

He was one of the best of us, and certainly is a prime candidate for both awards mentioned.

It sent a chill down my spine when I heard he was folding up shop.

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