Saturday, June 23, 2007

“We’re Not Going to Take It Down Until We Get a Legal Opinion”

Judge Jim Lamz, Slidell City Court, on why the court isn’t removing a picture of Jesus with the sentence underneath it “TO KNOW PEACE, OBEY THESE LAWS” from the courtroom lobby, as heard on ABC26 news.

Judge Lamz also said in the report, “I don’t know who it is. I personally thought it might be Moses or some Russian or Greek figure. I wasn’t sure.”

Fair enough. Here’s the pic from ABC26’s website:

Here’s some pics from Google Images:

Russian Jesus.

Greek Jesus.


And, something I came across, Christ the Teacher.

I don’t know. The hand looks a little different. But who am I to judge?


Professor Zero said...

The entire St. Tammany court and jail system is so disingenuous. That's where the sheriff was going to run people in what - corn rows? - out of town as criminals or potential criminals, right? And if you are arrested and refuse a drug test, it is assumed you are a drug criminal and you have to disprove this by undergoing a series of future, expensive drug tests (apparently this is law statewide, but only St. Tammany enforces ... or so I am told by my neighbor the bail bondsman)... ?

oyster said...

I love the judge's feigned ignorance.

What a complete idiot.

Leigh C. said...

So now Jesus is like porn - St Tammany officials will know him when they see him.

charlotte said...
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Mr. Clio said...

Thank goodness they're focused on really vital issues of the day in St. Tammany . . . Senator Vitter is very popular there, too! Woo-hoo!

Mexican workers, gay couples, and pictures of Jesus in courthouses--these are the things we really need focus on as the Gulf of Mexico laps at our porches.

The German said...

The Jesus portrait should be rapleaced with a large portrait of Joe Cook with the following quote: "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!" Does the ACLU have no REAL civil rights violations to pursue?

Tim said...

Hey German, The ACLU will defend whoever needs their help. First, you have to have a case, and second, you have to have a plaintiff. Plenty of the first part but not enough of the second part. A few years ago my very conservative uncle put a political sign in front of his place of business and the local DA sent him a letter saying that political signs were only allowed during specified campaign periods. That apparently was a law in Terrebonne at the time. The ACLU came in and in short order the right of free speech for all citizens was restored. The ACLU does a lot of good for a lot of people, only you just hear about the weird and fringe stuff on TV, in between Paris Hilton updates.

It's an open and shut case: you can't establish Jesus as the lawgiver in a public courthouse--that's what the display does. The laws are of the people, by the people and for the people. The government employees in St. Tammany know that, but they have to put on a good show before they capitulate. Happens all the time.