Monday, June 04, 2007

Google Map Embed Test

2007 New Orleans Murders

ADDED: This is just a test. As pointed out by Schroeder in the comments, go to for the real thing plus much, much more.

ADDED II: Oh, look. The Times-Pic has a map, too, with more info.


Schroeder said...

Hmm ... nice map there po' boy. Whatcha doin? Wanna help try to get some real data out of the NOPD? Do you know about

da po' boy said...

Good stuff there.

I was playing around with embedding Google maps. And, I wanted a map that isolated murders, which I believe are the most obvious and shocking examples of the failure of our criminal justice sytem. Lives ruined by criminal activity or by fear of crime are hard to point out. But the dead young boy lying in the middle of the street is a concrete example and is hard to avoid.

Schroeder said...

I encourage more of this. I'm don't want to take away from anyone's curiosity. Go for it. You might come up with something useful. I think I merely intended to point out that the Citizen Crime Watch goal is to support independent citizen capabilities by putting the raw data in their hands. Digital Democracy.

See what D.C. is doing, and please continue. I think it's cool stuff to play around with, and it's just the beginning of what we'll be doing in the future.