Friday, April 06, 2007

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Day

My ignorance prevents me from knowing what to make of this:
The city of New Orleans has celebrated a day in honour of Indian spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, in recognition of his distinguished services to humanity.

The New Orleans city council declared April 3 as 'His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Day' and the Art of Living founder was presented with the 'key to the city' by Mayor Ray Nagin at a function in the city hall Wednesday, according to a press release.
Apparently, he has an extensive collection of days in his name.


ashley said...

The fact that he calls himself Sri Sri (twice!) kind of bothers's the closest thing I found to "enlightening" (ha) criticism:

Maitri said...

As a Hindu and resident expert on these things, all I can say is that New Orleans is indeed slurping down the Kool Aid.

Then again, he's milder than Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, Bill Donohue, Farrakhan and all of the other proselytizing charlatans.

Mr. Clio said...

That HAD to be an Oliver Thomas - sponsored resolution. Oliver's got some of that kind of stuff in his past.

Anonymous said...

obviously there are four categories of people: some makes things happen, some critique the work being done, some see things happen, the rest wonder what happened.