Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Quiz on Current Events

Read the following text and answer the question:
Press Briefing on the President's Trip to _____ ______

MR. HADLEY: Good morning. In a few hours the President will deliver remarks in advance of his upcoming trip to _____ ______. In his speech today, the President will announce new initiatives to benefit the people of _____ ______. He will announce additional money to be committed for better health care in _____ ______, an innovative education initiative to benefit disadvantaged youth, and initiatives to make it easier to start and grow small businesses, and help lower-income citizens of _____ ______be able to purchase a home.


But the benefits of democracy, free markets and economic integration have been slow in reaching many in the region, especially the poor, the disadvantaged and the indigenous. Poverty, inequality and social exclusion in _____ ______ is unacceptably high.


Too many have inadequate access to education, health care, and housing and jobs. And the President is committed to further efforts to address these issues.
What part of the world will the President be visiting this week?

a) New Orleans

b) Latin America

c) all of the above

Correct answer: b) Latin America

How do you know it’s not New Orleans? This statement gives it away:
And the President is committed to further efforts to address these issues.
We all know there will be no “further efforts” down in this part of the world. That’s what the “$110 billion check” was for.


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