Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Real Tornado

I was hoping that it wasn’t. But, as the aerial video comes in and people start telling their stories, I see that it was.

Where the po’ family is on the West Bank, we heard the hail smacking against our windows and thunder that sounded like explosions. But we were far from the damage.

What a hurricane is on the macro level, a tornado is on the micro level. While there were less people affected by this tornado than Katrina, they were no less affected. Their recovery begins today. For some of them, it begins again.

The po’ family sends good vibes.


TravelingMermaid said...

Ah ha!! You've confessed to being a WBer....who'd a guessed?

I've dodged quite a few tornadoes in my childhood....never thought I'd see them here. Crazy weather. I heard 2 firefighters were tossed about in a Fema trailer at Engind 12....haven't heard how extensive their injuries were. And God bless the soul of the 84 year old lady who was killed. Mother Nature can be ruthless...

Donnie McDaniel said...

I don't know how tornados were not wide spread. It shook the ground here in Houma. I actually woke up because of the noise and the thunder making the ground rumble. When the hail started, I knew it was a bad one.

Puddinhead said...

I'm considering myself extremely lucky. If you look at the graphic on the front page of Wednesday's TP, that dashed line representing the path of the tornado passed directly over my house (and the FEMA trailer in front of it that we were sleeping in) about four or five blocks before it touched back down and hit the firehouse on Franklin. Which, by the way, had inside three firemen, one of whom is a Captain whose son I coached in baseball a few years ago. I understand that they'll be going back on duty on their regular shift at 7am today.