Saturday, January 20, 2007

Will There Be a Memorial for This Man?

By my count, he is the 13th human being murdered in New Orleans in 2007:
A New Orleans man was found dead, apparently from a single gunshot wound, inside a vacant apartment in the Iberville public housing development Saturday morning, the New Orleans Police Department reported.


Police officers found narcotics at the scene but couldn’t say if they were connected to the murder, [department spokeswoman Sabrina] Richardson said. Authorities had no witnesses or suspects, she said.
No witnesses. Could surveillance cameras in the projects help?
Mayor Ray Nagin on Friday received a response from federal recovery coordinator Donald Powell about his request for money for surveillance cameras, but so far the assistance is limited to cameras at public housing developments.


But Nagin spokeswoman Ceeon Quiett said that although the city is appreciative of money for such cameras, the mayor is also seeking about $6 million from the federal government that could be used to put up 500 cameras throughout the city.
Nagin is seeking the money for extra cameras, but apparently not applying for it:
Yet as of now Powell's office has only received a camera request related to the public housing sites, [Powell spokeswoman Susan] Aspey said.
I’m seeing a trend here:
Powell's letter also addressed another Nagin concern: when the flooded New Orleans Police Department headquarters would be reopened. FEMA money totaling $2.1 million has already started flowing for the project and construction work will allow the police to move back into the second through the fifth floors of the building by May, Powell wrote. But in the letter Powell expressed concern that the city had not completed the necessary paperwork to get an additional $864,410 for work on the first floor.
Hmmm… The city refutes this one, and says the federal government is doing that thing they do with federal funds, overestimating how much is coming to the city and misrepresenting what it is for:
Cynthia Sylvain-Lear, Nagin's deputy chief administrative officer, countered that her office completed the paperwork on Dec. 20.


Sylvain-Lear said that although the Powell letter says that $195 million has been obligated for criminal justice in New Orleans, the city itself gets only $98 million of that. So far, the city has received only $71 million, much of which covered emergency expenses, such as police overtime, from right after Hurricane Katrina, she said.
Who to believe? Meanwhile, the NOPD headquarters is some trailers on Lafitte near Bayou St. John.

On the flip side, I am happy to report that one agency is starting to receive citizen tips on who the bad guys are:
Federal and state law enforcement agents, acting on a citizen's tip, found an elaborate marijuana-growing operation on one side of a shot-gun double, and busted two men living on the other side, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said.

About 384 marijuana plants, along with chemicals, lighting and ventilation, were discovered during a court-ordered search by Drug Enforcement Administration agents and Louisiana State Police troopers, Letten said Friday.
$2 million in marijuana plants in one half of a shotgun double. The growers lived in the other.

The flip side, indeed.


E.J. said...

Is the marijuana cartel involved in alot of shootings? If not, it might have helped a lot of folks around here to leave them alone for just a bit longer. lol

But hey, I guess it's a start.

As for the money requests, something fishy is going on. However, I'm more likely to believe the feds are taking little things and making them bigger than they seem. That way, city mistakes are "legitimate" and hard to refute. THE WHOLE THING COULD BE SOLVED IF THEY WOULD JUST GIVE AMERICANS THE MONEY THAT THEY ALREADY KNOW WE NEED and then monitor the spending of it. After all, isn't fraud more likely in the spending it stage more than in the applying for it stage?

Varg said...

And along with those 13 murders, there are 13 more murderers running the streets of New Orleans. Correct me if I am wrong but has there been an arrest in any of these cases? I'm not sure because I never hear about it.