Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Mayor's Nicknames

He's got quite a few. I would like to add "Stretch":
"We're 18 months into this thing. I'm tired of complaining and bellyaching," Nagin said Wednesday. "We're going to take whatever nickels we have, whatever pennies we have, whatever dollars we have, and we're going to stretch it, and we're going to make this recovery work."
C. Ray.

C. Ray stretch.

Stretch, Ray, stretch.

The new recovery plan: Stretch. That way you can stay in the same place and get everything you want... as long as it's within reach.


Adrastos said...

I love the way the Picayune cleans up C Ray's syntax. I saw the soundbite on teevee and he didn't use contractions: it was we this and we that.

Btw, Dr A and I have started calling him the Male Model. He's not bad looking and his shiny head is empty.

bayoustjohndavid said...

I just wonder how long he can keep making statements that invite obvious questions, without anybody asking those questions. During the election, he made statements about Landrieu's campaign donors and nobody questioned who his donors were. After the election, he made statements about "post-election politics," but, when pay raises were discussed, nobody mentioned the obvious post-election element to that. Whatever you thought about the mayor's pay plan, you had to wonder if there was some pay back for the firefighters' union support of his opponent. Now he says that the city is spending its money wisely and nobody asks how he can possibly say that -- or simply bursts into laughter.