Monday, November 27, 2006

Making More Connections

The President thinks our allies are not spending enough money on war:
President Bush's agenda at a NATO summit this week will include pressing alliance members to increase defense spending. Aides say many U.S. allies are ill-equipped for modern military operations.

The defense outlays of some NATO partners are less than half those of the United States as a percentage of gross domestic product.
I wonder how our allies are spending all that money that the President thinks would be better used to create more modern ways to kill people.

Oh, that's how.

Infrastructure is for cut-and-run cowards.

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ashley said...

You get it. You so, so get it.

slate said...

The headlines the last two days reinforce this kind of stupid thinking on the part of this administration. Arguments over whether or not Iraq is in civil war (um, DUH?), Colin Powell saying yes, Bush saying no, Annan saying "well it's close." Then today, Bush saying that Iraq dissention will not "tie his hands." WTF is with this guy?

"Infrastructure is for cut and run cowards." Oh you're so right, at least if that infrastructure is in your own country and not going to profit your buddies at Halliburton, et al.

Sign me up on the "cowards" list. I want some damn levees.

Sophmom said...

Maybe if we just went ahead and gave the contract for fixing the levees to Halliburton, it would get done? We could even pretend it was in the Middle East (Middle Eastern Louisiana?), if that helped. *sigh*