Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Do You Think This Guy Has Ever Been to New Orleans?

An opinion letter in The Oregonian:
Katrina had an up side

Monday, September 04, 2006

New Orleans was, and is, a corrupt, crime-ridden swamp. Not one dime of taxpayers' money should be spent to rebuild it. Help the individual victims of Katrina, yes. Pay them each whatever it takes to help them, but nothing for rebuilding.

Keep the river channel open for traffic, but do not fund any other infrastructure. Let us take advantage of what Katrina has begun, to rid ourselves of this lesion on our Gulf Coast.

BARRETT MacDOUGALL Southeast Portland
I would just say that New Orleans *is* the infrastructure to “keep the river channel open for traffic.”


oyster said...

Does he advocate surgically removing the un-flooded part of the urban "lesion" that made it through the storm/breach intact?

GentillyGirl said...

Mr. MacDougal should remain in Oregon, just so he gets the benefit of the coming crustal slippage of the Juan De Fuca Plate and the ensuing tsunami.

Oh! And what about the volcanoes in the area? Better hope the wind is coming from a favorable direction.

dillyberto said...

MacDougal is afraid.

afraid of the power of a rebuilt New Orleans.

afraid of the center of the cultural universe.

afraid that his piss ant Seahawks will choke once again in a big game.

afraid of Our New Orleans SAINTS!!!

with good reason.

Southeast Portland has the cultural heritage of Tranquility base.

It's a place people have gone, but really there's no reason to linger.

Anonymous said...

Send him some love.

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