Friday, August 11, 2006

Minimal Intrusion

A contractor that is taking fingerprints and photographs of homeowners applying for Road Home program grants is drawing fire from some who say storm victims are being treated as potential criminals.


The contractor could accomplish the same goals by asking for several forms of identification, [vice president of Taxpayers for Common Sense Keith] Ashdown said. "There are times when Americans need to be fingerprinted. This isn't one of them," he said.
That’s okay, Mr. Ashdown. We are getting used to not being treated like Americans.

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Zihuatanejo said...

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My belief is that to get real transparency in our government and planning process we need to get the young folks involved and up to speed on the new paradigms. Teaching only civics in school and not smart growth concepts is like teaching our kids to count to ten without teaching them arithmatic, algebra and calculus.

Help us get those concepts out there! Create an account a live journal and help build a community. An educated community.