Thursday, August 10, 2006

Katrina Every Day

John McCusker’s story will be used to demonstrate how the stresses of Katrina can break an individual down. I hope he can resolve his problems.

But, McCusker’s friend and editor Terry Baquet gave a response in this NY Times article that showed how the stress can break a community down:
When asked about sadness at the newspaper, which won two Pulitzer Prizes this year for its Hurricane Katrina coverage, he added: “I don’t think you can tell, and it’s fair to say everyone’s affected. We live with Katrina every day.”
He can’t distinguish the sadness his coworkers feel for their colleague’s troubles from the way they act every day. Wow.

The proverbial straw broke the camel’s back a long time ago for us as a community. So, when the occasional individual’s straw breaks, we all understand more than empathize and just go about living our everyday life after Katrina.

That’s the way we live in New Orleans. We live with Katrina every day.

McCusker spent the night in jail under observation for injuring a police officer, when he was really trying to injure himself. He will be released. But he will be released to the same world that got him there. The same world we all live in – a world where these episodes are more likely to happen and a world that is poorly equipped to deal with them.

Stay strong. Be cool. For yourself and the community.

Live with Katrina every day. Doing that means 1) you’re living, and 2) you’re in, or near, New Orleans.

Two positives, if you ask me.


Vicky said...

As John's next door neighbor, I can tell you that he is a fine person, a professional, a wonderful dad, and a giving neighbor. The Times-Picayune is collecting money for him and I encourage everyone to contribute.

Schroeder said...

How can we contribute?

Schroeder said...

Oh yeah ... nice positives! Thanks for the reminder.

Mark Spence said...

I returned to Florida in June from 7 months in New Orleans and Mississippi doing hurricane relif. I had to leave because the local politics, slow pace of rebuilding (i.e. Plaqemines, St. Bernard Parishes) and the corruption of the local contactors made me sick. Everyday I was saddened to see the people trying to rebuild their lives and the mountains they had to climb constantly to just survive. I still think about the people of the region everyday and keep them in my prayers.

Vicky said...

You can contribute at:
Make sure to specify that your donation is for John.

Thank you!!!

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