Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Umm, Do We Have to Call It Viral?

Link Think New Orleans is a viral linking campaign to highlight New Orleans blogs by following trackbacks. I don’t think I fully understand the trackback part, but I know if you go to Technorati you can see who links to what by doing a search.

I appreciate the viral link and kind words from New Orleans Blogger Confederacy of Dunces USA who gave me the virus. So I will do my part and spread it.

If no one has linked to them already, I’m virally linking to New Orleans Blogger Moldy City who likes numbers as much as me and New Orleans Blogger Library Chronicles whom I have been getting my Wi-Fi updates from, as well as the net disaster link which I have utilized many times.

Another part of the campaign is a short bio, for which I offer my first real post. I would also mention that I blog anonymously because my day job requires that I do not publicly express an opinion. Obviously, I have an opinion, and this blog is my public outlet for it. I hope being anonymous does not take away from my credibility.

When this viral linking campaign makes its way through all the New Orleans blogs, there’s gonna be one heckuva list. I can’t wait.


scout prime said...

We're taking some action at First Draft to bring attention to levee funding. We're asking people to send their Mardi Gras Beads to Bush with the message to fund the levee reconstruction.
Here is a link for info

We're asking that people also take a picture of preparing to send their beads and the message etc. Then send it to us and we are going to post them to the site. We have a few now but we need more.
I hope you'll send a pic and encourage your readers to do so too.
send them
--scout prime

bayoustjohndavid said...

Thanks for making me ill. I haven't had a chance to go over the technorati stuff, is there some kind of quarantine list, so I don't re-infect anybody?