Thursday, March 09, 2006

The President Visits Exotic Locales

Bush got out his passport and visited our part of the world yesterday. He went on a tour and took some pictures. And, even though he doesn’t speak the language well, he did converse with some of the locals and tried the cuisine native to the area:
The president tried to focus on the positive. He ordered a meal to go of red beans and rice at a diner and posed for photos with proprietor Kim Stewart.

"Katrina knocked us down, but it's not going to keep us there," Stewart said with a smile. But asked whether [sic] about the pace of recovery, she changed her upbeat tune. "I think things should be a lot faster," she told reporters.

Said Bush: "I fully understand, and I hope your country understands, the pain and agony that the people of New Orleans and Louisiana and the parishes surrounding New Orleans went through."
You would think the President of “her country” would be in a position to make sure “her country” understands. So, if Bush “fully understands” the pain and agony and that the recovery isn’t happening fast enough, he should do more than “hope” the rest of the country understands. It should be his mission as the leader of the Executive branch that governs “her country” to guarantee the entire country understands.

Her country is your country, Mr. Bush. You are not a spectator in the events of this nation. If the country does not understand what is happening, that’s on you. I hope your country understands how little *you* understand.

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