Thursday, March 30, 2006

“As Is”

The New Orleans Public School system is auctioning one of their flooded buses on eBay.

If that’s not funny enough, check out these gems from the description:
* Exclusive Limited Offer!!! Own A Piece of History!!!

* Historic 1993 International Blue Bird Orleans Parish Schools Bus #93-97

* Only 147,797 Original Owner Miles.

* Buyer is responsible for shipping/delivery.

* This bus is sold "as is".

* This is a collector's dream come true.

* We will provide a certificate of authenticity attesting that this bus was at the Orleans Parish Schools Almonaster Bus Barn and was flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina!
And this clarification added this morning:
Please understand that this bus has been flooded. It does not run. The title the winner receives will be for salvage. The condition of the vehicle is as one would expect if the electrical connections and substantial portion of the engine had stood in possibly brackish water for [at] least ten days.
The questions are good, too:
Q: Is there any chance that this bus may have been ridden on by any of the famous musical 'graduates' of the NOPS system, such as Juvenile, C-Murder, 504 Boyz, Louis Armstrong, or Delfayo Marsalis? That would certainly increase the value if so. Could it possibly have ever given rides to such other famous NOPS 'alumni' such as B-Stupid or Man Man? Is it possible there may be any leftover drugs or guns or other incriminating evidence left on the bus? Please let us know, it may increase your bids.

A: Due to the vintage of the bus it is unlikely that Louis Armstrong and Delfayo Marsalis rode on it. The others may have but we have no recorded evidence of it. As to drugs, this bus was flooded and the mold has probably eaten all of the drugs by now. As to firearms, this bus was flooded and any likely metal objects are rusted by now. But given what it is, with all its limitations this bus is a tremendous value.


Q: I am somewhat curious as to why these school busses, somewhere around 1,000 of them, were left to be destroyed by Hurricane Katrina rather than used to evacuate the residents of New Orleans to higher ground BEFORE the hurricane struck New Orleans? Sounds to me like total incompetence on the part of New Orleans officials. I was just curious, is all. Thank you in advance for your answer. Cc: Sean Hannity Rush Limbaugh

A: FYI - There were 260 buses flooded from Hurricane Katrina. We will not engage in the judgement of competence and/or incompetence of New Orleans officials.
I am glad someone has a sense of humor at NOPS. However, if the school system has already received insurance or FEMA money for the ruined buses and then profits from these sales, would that cause any problems?

UPDATE: I am told there are no problems with insurance or FEMA. Not with the actual bus, or its reasonably hand-drawn facsimile.


Ian McGibboney said...

How much you wanna bet that bus shows up at the 2008 Republican convention?

Actually, it's not that high.

Polimom said...

It seems they're getting some really funny inquiries about the bus, too. From

Bidders ask the darndest things