Friday, March 10, 2006

The Army Corps of Engineers Goes Scoping

At a regional meeting last night on UNO’s campus, the ACE sought public input on how Category 5 levees should be built. They need to have an interim plan ready by June 1, 2006. The final recommendation must be ready by December 2007.

Here’s what they are considering (pdf) in their “scoping” meetings:
In developing the Report to Congress the Corps of Engineers will consider ways to protect south Louisiana from Category 5 hurricane storm surges. The alternatives may include the following:

Structural. Earthen levees or concrete walls with floodgates and other devices.

Structural-coastal restoration combination. Structural with coastal wetlands and barrier island restoration commensurate to the level of structural fortification to protect against a Category 5 hurricane.

Non-structural. Elevating homes and improving evacuation plans, with coastal restoration.

No Action. Maintain current protection against a Category 3 hurricane.
Yes, that would be “No Action” as one of the possible alternatives to provide Category 5 protection to south Louisiana.

Does anyone else feel less safe?


Tim said...

There's always a "no action" alternative when the Corps sends a proposal to Congress. That's just the baseline that is used to compare all the other alternatives. Congress usually wants to see a benefit to cost analysis but thank goodness they didn't ask for that this time.


da po' boy said...

good point