Monday, February 06, 2006

There’s One More Thing You Can Do

I’ve seen a lot of stories like this. Volunteers from around the country come to help rebuild hurricane devastated areas, do good while they are here, and are profoundly affected by what they see.

I don’t think that we can thank them enough. And only a fool would ask them to give more than what they have already given or do more than what they have already done to help out.

Well, as da po’ wife can attest to: I am a fool.

I have one more thing to ask. When you return home, call or write your U.S. Senators and Representatives and make sure they know what the White House is offering is a lot of money, but it isn’t enough. Tell them you saw what needed to be done and it is going to take federal assistance to do it. Tell them to support legislation like the Baker bill even if the Executive branch wants to kill it. Remind them that *they* make the laws of this country and *they* can make it mandatory to “do what it takes” to rebuild the Gulf Coast.

We don’t need this President’s help to recover. We *do* need our Nation’s help.

Okay, that’s all I will ask from you. Really. Until I think of something else.

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