Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hey, La. Republicans: Jump Ship

Your Right Hand Thief finds an example of some Louisiana Republicans striking fear in the heart of the White House. Or not.

It's time for the Louisiana Republicans to jump ship. Not from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party. From the President to Louisiana.

Serve your state, not this President. You are accountable to us Louisianians. I didn't vote for you, but you represent me and my friends and my family. Do it.

Jumping ship candidates:

Sen. David Vitter
Rep. Bobby Jindal, District 1
Rep. Jim McCrery, District 4
Rep. Rodney Alexander, District 5
Rep. Richard Baker, District 6
Rep. Charles Boustany, Jr., District 7
Current state Republican office holders and former
The Republican leaders in the state

For the most part, they all have one leg overboard. Now it's time to do a Triple Lindy (AVI file) off the plank.

Make bold statements that show you put Louisianians first.

NOTE: I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I tend to vote Green or Independent. None of the people I vote for are ever elected. Does that make me a loser?


ashley said...

I dunno...Vitter and Jindal kinda sounded apologetic for the SOTU, and I heard Jindal on Garland Robinette's show explaining why HE didn't support the Baker Bill.

Garland, in his Garlandesque polite way, ripped him a new one.

RK said...

Baker was on tv tonight, and he sounded really angry at Powell, especially for writing an op ed dishing his proposal.
However, he indicated also that the very fact of the op ed means the White House is worried the bill still has life in it.

TravelingMermaid said...


Suspect Device said...

Vitter, maybe. Baker, probably. Don't know enough about McCrery to make a guess. But Bobby's only in it for himself and always has been, Boustany is the kind of old-fashioned senator who, once bought, stays bought, and Rodney just climbed off the red, raw ass of the democrats last year. If he jumped off the bandwagon now, he'd just look stupid. BTW, you forgot to put Mary on your list. (ooo, ice burn!)

Mr. Clio said...

Great posts the last few days especially, dpg.

If you're a loser for voting green or indy, you've got great company. And then there's me, who votes that way too.