Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Front Page

Today’s T-P, lower left below the fold:
Dollars faulted as measure of help
From the online edition:
Critics also say the administration shouldn't be counting in its overall total the $18.5 billion in additional borrowing authority that Congress has granted the National Flood Insurance Program. After all, they say, home and business owners pay premiums for their coverage.
Who are these critics our paper writes of? They’ve got a point.


Polimom said...

Sounded familiar, didn't it? I wondered the same thing.

I'm guessing some of that came from the lunch last week in B.R. between some bankers and Powell. carried a story that included this:

"“I never understood the $100 billion figure,” said Buddy Butler with Regions Bank. “Is the money going to FEMA, or for housing, or cleanup? I would respectfully ask you all not to throw that number around without telling us where the money is going. It’s very confusing.”

He said, “When you represent that to people they think, as Sen. Shelby said, it’s going down the rat hole of Louisiana.”

I got the impression from the coverage there, and elsewhere, that several others, including Melancon, are asking some pointed questions.

bayoustjohndavid said...

I wonder too. Actually, as gratifying as it is to think that blogging and letter writing do some good, it's also kinda scary. Did our leaders and the media really need to have it pointed out to them? At any rate, it took at least a month. Bush has been tossing out that figure since at least Jan. 12.

Schroeder said...

bayoustjohn -- right. WTF! We do this when we can steal a spare minute. Those guys are actually paid to look at the details.

po' man -- thanks for being among the first to take a hard look at the numbers!