Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Simple Question

BNOB Commission, why don’t you want everyone to rebuild their homes?

Thanks for all the details on the light rail system, the parks, the commuter trains to Mississippi, the bridge to the moon, and all the other cool stuff engineers can do while they are not building Cat 5 levees.

But why can’t people just rebuild their homes?


oyster said...

They would answer: not everyone will rebuild their homes. Some will, many won't. Some Neighborhoods will be blighted, decayed and non-functioning unless they move or consolidate. These neighborhoods will be very expensive to serve with utilities and police/fire protection, also.

da po' boy said...

That would be a good answer. I just didn't hear it that succinctly from any official. But, honestly, it was a long meeting and maybe I missed it. Instead, I heard the BNOB try to make it sound like the neighborhoods could choose whether or not to rebuild. Oh yeah, and the bridge to the moon thing.