Sunday, January 22, 2006

Nagin Spoof on SNL

Did anyone see Saturday Night Live last night? They spoofed Nagin, having him appear on Anderson Cooper 360 with Jesse Jackson and Hillary Clinton.

The jokes weren't as funny as the ones I've heard around here and the actor who played Nagin obviously made no attempt to do an accurate impression of the Mayor. Basically, SNL dropped the ball again.

"Nagin" said he wanted New Orleans to be "delicious" and admitted that he was crazy (that part made me laugh, but it is not new). The "Hillary" stuff was funny as she responded to criticism of her "plantation" remarks by admitting she was pandering, and then gave examples of pandering to different audiences. The Jesse Jackson impression needs to be retired or re-tooled.

If someone uploads the video, like on YouTube, I'll link to it.

UPDATE: Here it is. It took a while to download on my computer. I forgot about the "giraffe" comment.


Mr. Clio said...

I saw it too. SNL was too little, too late on this one. The Daily Show pretty much had it covered. SNL felt like a rehash. Come to think of it, SNL usually feels stale now. They're in another one of their "jumped the shark" eras.

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