Wednesday, January 18, 2006

$82 Billion?

Some senators toured the area yesterday to see how the recovery was going, or *not* going, according to one senator:
“We have appropriated $82 billion and we haven’t seen $82 billion worth of progress,” Sen. Mark Dayton, D-Minn., said.
This echoes something Moldy City pointed out that the President said last week:
Signing all the legislation I've signed, the federal government has committed $85 billion so far to helping folks and to help rebuild the Gulf Coast of -- (applause.) Of that $85 billion, about $25 billion has been spent. So $85 billion is available, $25 billion of it is already in the pipeline -- that's $60 billion more coming your way.
Where are these more than $80 billion numbers coming from?

And the Minnesota senator shouldn’t be too surprised with not seeing $82 billion worth of progress when, apparently, only “$25 billion of it is already in the pipeline.”

Here’s how I can account for $67 billion
of it, which leaves around $15 billion I’m not sure about.

If the Gulf Coast is getting $15 billion dollars more than I think it is, that would be great. I just wish it was a little easier to determine where it was coming from.


Mark said...

I'm sitting on this post while my wife has her 15 minutes of fame, while people find my blog via my piece in the T-P, but will post it later this week.

Sen. Collins wonders why all the debris hasn't been picked up? Could it be perhaps that fat no-bid contract Halley Barbour got for Ashbritt, the company that paid him $40,000 in consulting fees? The contract the NYT reported was way overpriced? And during this whole episode, Powell sits there with his hands folded, watching this going down and waiting to protect the taxpayers from our corruption?

Keep it up, dpb. We gotta speak truth to power. We have to let the world know that GB and his henchmen are lying about the level of relief, and lifting dollars at every step of the way.

bayoustjohndavid said...

I guess it couldn't hurt to email Dayton. I tried it with Shays back in Oct. and he stills waves that 72hr plan. But a Dem. might respond if he realizes that he's been fed Republican spin.