Saturday, December 24, 2005

What is the Media Doing?

In a Reuters article entitled “Immigrants find opportunity in ruined New Orleans,” the author ends with this:
The immigrant workers do not feel too threatened by competition from the local Americans. They point to the back of the parking lot where the only "gringos" in sight are sleeping on sheets of cardboard or sitting on wooden boxes, surrounded by empty beer cans and booze bottles.

"There are a lot of drunks here," said Delgado.

When asked where the American workers were, Del Rio shook his head and said, "Who knows? It just seems like the Latin race likes to work more."
Do I even have to comment on the absurdity of this?

First of all, the term “American workers” does not exclude the “Latin race.” And I refuse to believe that Americans are lazy and there are “a lot of drunks here.” After all, New Orleans drunks are the good, functioning kind of drunks. (Ha, ha – joke.)

Any story on the influx of migrant workers in the New Orleans area that does not point out that the city, state, and federal government have not done enough to return local workers is not a good story. That is the only reason why there is a gap to be filled by the migrant workers. The article even says “While New Orleans residents are slow to return…,” but does not tell us *why* they are slow to return. In fact, the article implies that we are slow to return because we do not want to work.

I am here. I am working. If the others were here, they would be working, too.

Overall, the media is really disappointing me. Are there any well-told, accurate stories out there?


Polimom said...

Oh dear. That's really really bad.

WHY would anybody want to send a message that not only promotes hostility, but smears the locals?

The only thing I can think of is that this writer, in his zeal to portray the immigrant workers as "good guys", has gone WAYYY too far across the line.

Since it's Reuters, we'll have to wait and see who picks the story up, and how they "spin" it.


Tim said...

A friend of mine in North Carolina emailed me that story. Like you said, it went sour at the end. I don't care who comes here to work, as long as they work and spend some of their earnings here I'm okay with it. The funny thing is, I saw another article a couple days ago that pointed out how Bourbon Street looks "normal" at first, but then you realize that the street is NOT full of tourists. It's full of construction workers, almost all men, mostly hispanic. So now, who are the "drunks" that fill our streets?

dillyberto said...

There are too many good deeds going unpunished in this city right now! I am sorry this shoddy reporting has taken you down.
Who in this country is not an 'immigrant'?
I know where some of these guys are staying. I met them a little over a month ago. I was amazed at how young they were. Pretty green. These are younger 30's guys who are staying in the Garden District and trying to pound out a story every week or so. This story 'going sour' in the end. Just some kid trying to get an "A" on his paper with his editor.