Friday, December 23, 2005

Sssssss… (Air Escaping)

In the last two months, between my work vehicle, my personal vehicle, and da po’ wife’s car, we have had seven flat tires.

Three tires had to be replaced, two were patched, and I currently have one flat and one slow leak.

That ain’t right.

This is now my litmus test for when things are back to normal in the GNO area. When I stop getting flats, things are back to normal.


Polimom said...

Ha! You reminded me that I need to stock up on that stuff you can pump into the tires before we come to NOLA next week.

Thank you!

ashley said...

Hey, now.

I average 2.5 flats a year when the roads are "ok".

Once, a friend an I saw a woman in an Accord on State Street run over a pothole...that sheared off her wheel. She got out, and just stared at it. The wrecker driver laughed and told her how many times he'd seen it before.

So yeah, 7 is excessive, but don't wait until you go without totally. That would

Polimom said...

Can't resist this thread (it's sooo much lighter than some other dialogues we've all had lately...)

I can remember my dad giving up his dream of a Lotus Super 7 because he'd never be able to drive it in NOLA. Roads were just too bad. (I can't explain that choice of dream car, but the roads were always a challenge!)

Still - I bet my truck tires will perform their usual metal-magnetic magic and suck up every nail from blocks around when we get there. Sigh....

Tim said...

Yeah you rite! Flats are just a part of life here. Check out my take on the situation, "Deflated," here:

Keep up the good work,