Friday, December 16, 2005

Part of I-10 Flooded for Five Hours

Can we build a Mounes overpass, not underpass, please? When the city flooded after Katrina, the only way into the city by car was River Road because the I-10 was flooded at, guess where? The same place it flooded yesterday morning.

It’s not on their website, but Fox 8 TV news reported last night that the new pumping station located at the Mounes underpass (near the Jeff/Orleans border) still does not have power and is not staffed 24 hours. According to an engineer they spoke to, it is supposed to sense flooding and start the pumps automatically. But, without power, the sensors aren’t on, and someone has to be there to turn on the generators for the pumps to work.

Why doesn’t the pumping station have power yet? What the hell is Entergy doing?


Schroeder said...

Why don't they have a backup generator - duh! The friggin' power goes off at the slightest little wind.

da po' boy said...

I don't think they have power yet to lose. They rely soley on generators, and they keep them off when no workers are there - at least that's what I got from the news report.