Thursday, December 22, 2005

It’s the Little Things that Fatigue

This scenario is probably playing out in many communities around the south that have taken in Katrina evacuees:
"The county is not in any financial problems" due to its support of the housing program, she said. "We are not struggling."
[County Auditor Linda] Breazeale stressed to the commissioners the current FEMA program is "time and labor intensive" to oversee and that it could have an impact on her 17-person department's ability to issue the county's certificates of obligation and road bonds for 2006.
FEMA will reimburse this community and all the communities that are helping evacuees for any money spent - so money is not always an issue. But, it is still more work for the same number of workers. So, when we see Katrina Fatigue set in, it might not be because the fatigued are tired of Katrina. It is more likely that they are just tired.

All the more reason to get the evacuees back home.

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