Sunday, December 18, 2005

I'm a Saints Fan, But . . .

I watched more of Peyton and the Colts today in their failed attempt to go 14-0 than the Saints game. Is that wrong?

I feel dirty.


Polimom said...


To top it off, they lost! Badly! And I was so busy handling the reactions to the earlier immigrant post, I didn't pay any attention to the game at all!

It's all my fault! I failed them! If I'd been watching, maybe they'd have won!

Somebody find me a paper bag...

dillyberto said...

Where we are today: quiet, peaceful day in Tiger Stadium. Most folks enjoyed good weather and watched some of the game without having to really get involved. We call these folk brother-in-law ticket holders because that's who gave them the tickets. You and Polimom prove that we care about the Saints but can't deal with any more ugliness.

It is okay.

In a few short weeks we'll put this behind us and only look ahead.

as Saints fans
proud again