Saturday, December 03, 2005

I Call Bullsh*t

This article is racist:
FEMA Pulls Out of Lower Ninth
Agency Calls for Troops, Reporting Threats of Violence
The only way this article gets run in the Washington Post is a bunch of editors and writers hold a stereotype that when a group of angry black people get together they are unruly and unlawful and would lash out against whoever was around them.

The reporter talked to two officials - not even official officials, but officials representing other people's stories. I don't run this story in my paper unless I have talked to the Army Corps workers who were threatened or have a police report saying that's what happened.

This stereotype has played out various times through the Katrina disaster: multiple murders, raping of children, shooting at rescue helicopters, gangs wandering around up to no good. Evidence for these acts doesn't exist. But, the media propagated it and the viewers believed it because they turned on the TV and saw mostly black faces. The stereotype defeated the facts.

Most likely, it did not happen. If people in the Lower Ninth were threatening ACE workers, it probably went something like this:
"Dude, your levees suck."
That's not a threat. That's a fact.

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