Friday, December 23, 2005

How Many More?

Via Polimom Says..., another body was found in the Lower Ninth Ward Thursday. That makes two found this week.

The Wet Bank Guide points out St. Bernard has found a lot of the people on their missing list alive, but:
The results in St. Bernard, which are more likely to track those of New Orleans, found only 75% of the missing. The rest can't be accounted for, and the search for bodies in the marshes has begun.
Are there many more to be found? Do we know? Are we doing enough to find them?

The politicians are asking people to come back. In January, many will return after staying in other cities for the school semester. How can we ask people to come back to an area where they are still finding dead bodies?

Once again, this adds fuel to the sense of neglect many Ninth Ward residents are feeling. They felt neglected before the storm, and now they feel like they aren’t wanted back.

We want everyone back.

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