Friday, December 16, 2005

Et Tu, Cyril?

He says he's not coming back:
"Would I go back to live?" Neville asked. "There's nothing there. And the situation for musicians was a joke. People thought there was a New Orleans music scene -- there wasn't. You worked two times a year: Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest. The only musicians I knew who made a living playing music in New Orleans were Kermit Ruffins and Pete Fountain. Everyone else had to have a day job or go on tour. I have worked more in two months in Austin than I worked in two years in New Orleans.

"A lot of things about life in New Orleans were a myth."
He's got a point. Our music scene was great despite ourselves. We need to take care of the things we love about New Orleans now more than ever. Because, given the chance, they can easily go wherever they want.


Mr. Clio said...

po boy,

That article makes me want to slit my wrists. I'm here in NOLA, wanting to make it better, and this is just dispiriting.

I'm glad to read this, though. The more truth (or version of it) that I read, the more energy I get. Thanks, bra. Maybe I'm an X-Man too.

da po' boy said...

Don't do it, bro. He'll be back. No one can stay away for too long.

dillyberto said...

It is chaos like this that breeds strong, decisive leadership. Although Cyril sadly may be correct about MONEY in the music scene pre-Katrina, given true investment that the Congress will be making the music scene will be a paying gig in New Orleans soon. Cyril can stay in Austin for several months and rake in the green he needs to rebuild here. da po'boy is right he'll be back,but with some money, better national connections, and leadership!

doctorj2u said...

I like Chris Rose's response to Cyril.