Monday, December 19, 2005

Do They Even Try to Get It Right?

From Yahoo News, as of 11:04 am:
No one knows just how deadly the season was, as many of Hurricane Katrina's victims in New Orleans are feared to have been carried away by flood waters, buried under rubble or even eaten by crocodiles.
(emphasis mine)
Crocodiles? Maybe if the bodies were carried all the way to the southern tip of Florida.

I guess it’s possible.

(I wrote “as of 11:04 am” because I am hoping an editor catches it and changes it.)

UPDATE: Alas, my skepticism is unfounded. Polimom finds evidence of the elusive Louisiana crocodile.


Polimom said...

I'm glad you posted that. Not only made me laugh, but gave me a reason to post something related that I've been sitting on for a few days.

I keep trying to figure out if these people are actually serious...

Anonymous said...

which reminds me of the post at