Monday, December 12, 2005

The Company You Keep - Part 2

CNN: U.S. isolated on climate change
More than 150 nations, including nearly every industrialized country except the United States, agreed Saturday to negotiate a second phase of mandatory cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

Look, the only debate concerning global warming is happening outside the scientific community. At the very least, in combination with naturally occurring warming, human-made greenhouse gases are making things worse, for the world and especially the Gulf Coast.

Why the Gulf Coast? Hurricanes. They are the planet’s way of moving hot air from the equator up north to the Arctic. The more hot air there is in the equator, the more hot air that needs to move south to north. That can be expressed in tropical storms of higher frequency and/or higher intensity.

The Gulf Coast lies in the middle of this heat-transfer path. It is in our best interests on the coast to do whatever we can to lessen global warming, including signing on to the freaking Kyoto Protocol.

Here’s an article I hope shows my amateur science isn’t full of shiznit.

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