Thursday, November 24, 2005

Old News is Good News...

...when it's news to me.

I am making my way through an old 2002 series done by the Times-Picayune called "Washing Away."

I know I read it when it was first published, but I either didn't pay attention our just didn't connect the dots when they were writing headlines like:
LAST LINE OF DEFENSE: Hoping the levees hold
Army Corps of Engineers officials say hurricane levees in the New Orleans area will protect residents from a Category 3 hurricane moving rapidly over the area. But computer models indicate even weaker storms could find chinks in that armor.
The graphic under that headline in JPG and PDF (same link, scroll down) is the best illustration of our levee system that I have seen yet.

It's like a maze - follow the surge up the MRGO to the Industrial Canal into the Lower 9th and through the cracks in (or over) the levees into St. Bernard.

Even today, it's hard to be thankful when three years ago someone was sounding an alarm.

And looking at how extensive the levee system is around the
lake, do we know if *all* the pilings were driven low enough?

Somebody bedda ax somebody. Y'herd me?

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